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Clare Edwards + Friendships: Alli Bhandari

"You are good, funny, sweet person. You’re Alli"

"And you’re the best friend a screw up could have"


Degrassi Friendships  Luke Bilyk and Melinda Shankar 

get to know me meme [one/five] real life friendships: dylan everett & melinda shankar

"Smile, Bieber!" "I’m not smiling to that - or you ever again."

"It’s like a best friend but more."

My other half, Miss Conception

Having a career in the entertainment industry is many things- exciting, glamorous and unpredictable. However, from being raised in a lifestyle of organization, structure and routine, one can only imagine how finding the balance between my life pre and post spotlight were both terrifying and exhilarating. A part of me still craves the control of my own life and destiny hence my need to break out a little and focus some of my attention to another personal passion of mine- even if just for my own sanity. 

As a natural born girly girl, my love for hair styles, makeup looks and fashion stemmed not only from having two older sisters and a girly diva mama, but also from my experience being a child model. I was blessed to have been surrounded by the most elite stylists, makeup artists, and hair specialists for the majority of my formative years. The skills I acquired first hand learning everything there is to know about designers, the politics behind the industry and the reality of this crazy lifestyle I involved myself with, helped my “passion for fashion” to grow from a hobby to a way of life. 

I originally thought of the idea for Miss Conception after years of being in front of the camera for various reasons (film, TV, print, commercial etc) It helped me to not only figure out my own personal style but also out what kind of people I enjoy surrounding myself with from a business perspective. I always say the hair, makeup and wardrobe team should be a major priority for productions as their work is displayed directly onto the talent and projects the first impression which we know is a major factor in today’s society. Through this i’ve figured out my personal style at an early age and enjoy styling myself for events as i’m very specific when it comes to how my image is projected.
Image consulting is something I enjoy doing, and for that I style not only myself but other TV/Film/Music talent for their red carpet affairs and industry events on a regular basis. They say the best experience is hands on, and with having to create a new look head to toe for auditions, various roles, event looks etc, it has now become second nature to me.. Hence why i’m excited to start Miss Conception and share my knowledge from my first hand experience. 
With an amazing tone set for the company from our Miss Conception pre launch held in Ottawa, (thrown by the lovely girls at 613 Style), we have been receiving non stop support and attention from not only fans and friends/family but also from media all across North America. Even before launching the company officially (set for February 2014 in Toronto) I was asked to go to Jamaica as media and cover the weekend Glamour event for Ocean Style magazine. Myself along with three other media representatives  (Relationship expert Jen Kirsh, Tv producer Natalie Dean and fashion blogger Jay Strut) were flown out for four nights of glamor, fashion and leisure to cover specifically the fashion showcase starring Greta Constantine and Gsus among other designers of Jamaican decent. We were put up in the gorgeous Iberostar Grand for our stay in the country. There were no complaints as we all thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, pleasant staff, yummy food and incredible drink choices. I can speak for the entire crew when I say that our favourite beverage was mutual and ironically suiting for our trip-Appleton Rum. Our resort favourite (Which we were greeted with right off the vehicle from the airport) was a Miami Vice slushi.  With the sponsorship and generosity of Appleton Estates for flying me down to cover this event I can say with pleasure that this was one of the most exciting opportunities sent my way, especially with just having wrapped up my sixth season of Degrassi the week prior. 
Follow the next post for a day to day replay of my trip to Jamaica!
Happy 2014

2013 was amazing and all, but who’s ready for a fresh start? My list of resolutions are almost as tall as I am. I do however I have a few tricks for helping to stay on track. First I write my list of New Year Resolutions and stick it onto my dresser mirror, It’s a great reminder each day when I wake up. I also write the list in my phone for another reminder spot. I set little rewards for myself (i.e a new purse i’ve been dying for) once i’ve successfully achieved my goal. Being vocal about what it is you’d like to change and sharing them with friends and family also helps as their support can be inspiring. Whatever your resolutions are (big or small), you owe it to yourself to try to keep your promises. Because nothing feels better than checking off your list! 

-Mindy xo


INTERVIEW: Melinda Shankar, Jessica Tyler, and Lyle Lettau at the HALO Awards


Music Talk with Melinda Shankar

Hey dolls! As some of you may know, I recently started exploring my other passion- the Fashion world. To clear up some rumours, NO I am not ending my acting career. I have always and will always have a huge place in my heart for that part of me, I’m just simply taking on the two worlds simultaneously. That being said, Miss Conception is my new image consulting company set to launch early 2014. I could not be more excited and I am overwhelmed with happiness from the support I’m receiving from everyone all over the globe. Thank you all very much for entertaining these crazy ideas and dreams of mine. Without you all I would not be able to achieve the level of success we’re already at even in the “pre launch” stages.

With a pre launch to die for (blogs to come), and an unforgettable trip to Jamaica with Ocean Style magazine to write for their runway showcase, stay tuned for tips, tricks, blogs and all things fashion!

Degrassi + Disney - Alli Bhandari as Jasmine 

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It’s a “best of” of the last shows. In black!

It’s Marc’s last show?

Happy 21st Birthday, Melinda Shankar!