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Happy 2014

2013 was amazing and all, but who’s ready for a fresh start? My list of resolutions are almost as tall as I am. I do however I have a few tricks for helping to stay on track. First I write my list of New Year Resolutions and stick it onto my dresser mirror, It’s a great reminder each day when I wake up. I also write the list in my phone for another reminder spot. I set little rewards for myself (i.e a new purse i’ve been dying for) once i’ve successfully achieved my goal. Being vocal about what it is you’d like to change and sharing them with friends and family also helps as their support can be inspiring. Whatever your resolutions are (big or small), you owe it to yourself to try to keep your promises. Because nothing feels better than checking off your list! 

-Mindy xo


Melinda & Samantha will be hosting the second annual Zawadi la Tumaini Musical Benefit Concert taking place Tuesday, June 12th!

There are some great artists playing and 100% of the proceeds will contribute to the construction of children’s dorms at the Zawadi la Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya.

For further details about this great event, check out: http://on.fb.me/KmgPu3

These boots were made for walking

Had an awesome photoshoot today with Lane Dorsey. He’s an up and coming Canadian photographer that is sure to blow up in no time. 

More pics to come ;)

Leopard throw up! 

Leopard throw up! 

Taking a break from butterfly catching with Samantha Munro! Well, she was doing the catching..i’m afraid of all bugs and dirt.

Leaving tomorrow to speak at WE day tomorrow in Montreal. I’m off to pack and memorize my french/english speech. I’m very blessed and excited to have such an opportunity but it’s heartbreaking that I have to leave my Bronx again! boooo

Giving our Brand new Chick Anjulie a Shankar sandwhich! 

Giving our Brand new Chick Anjulie a Shankar sandwhich! 

Anyone looking for a shoe model ?? 

Anyone looking for a shoe model ?? 

How adorable is my baby? 

Bronx is the first dog i’ve ever had. Learning to take care of another life is tough and is way more work than I thought it would be, but he’s so worth it. Bronx is my shopping buddy, my cuddle buddy and my new love. 

I never did understand how people could have such an adoration for a pet, until now. If anyone has any training tips or advice- anything that a first time chihuahua owner should know, please pass it on.

Merci beaucoup <3  

More love here than most people ever know.

More love here than most people ever know.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. HAPPY NEW YEAR! &lt;3 

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3 

You know you have an amazing best friend when you buy her gorg jewelry for Christmas, but she appreciates getting back a love note she wrote me 6 years ago more! I kept that 10 page note ever since then in my memory box and recently re read it.. such a gem!

Nothing was funnier than reading and re living our most rebellious moments and me laughing at her silly grammatical/spelling errors. For example her calling me her “Precious little sweaty” LOL 

Justine and I met in elementary school and have been bffs ever since. After E.S we both went to different highschools but had major separation anxiety so she transfered to my school..and a week later I had to move to Toronto to film Degrassi! haha so tragic! But now that I think about it.. she even helped coach me for my Degrassi audition! 

The best of friends are the ones who are with you through thick and thin and understand if you’re too busy for constant communication. They don’t require mandatory hangouts or anything much to function, they just do. Every time I come home to Ottawa i’m always with my home town bff’s and I especially look forward to hosting them in Toronto. 

The third pic is us in grade 6 at a Nelly Furtado concert! haha so little!

Moral of this whole thang is quality over quantity. SO many people have come and gone in my life but these special people are permanent. Treat your friends with respect and love and that’s most certainly what you’ll get in return <3