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Melinda & Samantha will be hosting the second annual Zawadi la Tumaini Musical Benefit Concert taking place Tuesday, June 12th!

There are some great artists playing and 100% of the proceeds will contribute to the construction of children’s dorms at the Zawadi la Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya.

For further details about this great event, check out: http://on.fb.me/KmgPu3

Had an awesome photoshoot today with Lane Dorsey. He’s an up and coming Canadian photographer that is sure to blow up in no time. 

More pics to come ;)

Taking a break from butterfly catching with Samantha Munro! Well, she was doing the catching..i’m afraid of all bugs and dirt.

The new love of my life.. Robe-rt 

Just won BIG at the casino this weekend in Niagara-(32cents) and decided to spoil myself with my new winnings. I saw the softest velour robe when stopping into La Vie en Rose, tried it on, and seriously (like a kid in a toy store) did not part with it until my friends refused to be in public with my new attire lol. I didn’t take it off when purchasing (as pictured) while on a tour/walk, continued shopping in it and EVEN took all of my fan photo’s wearing my comfy robe.

I see it being my new bff and replacing all of my silk, and other cover ups for winter! (can you tell that I have a special place in my heart for robes? lol) 

Road trip to Niagara Falls, how gorg do the falls look in that photo? If only they had lit it a nicer colour.. beautiful nonetheless. A few friends and I went to celebrate an early christmas because I go back to Ottawa for the actual holiday to be with my family. We had such a blast.. we went glow in the dark mini putting, lazer tagging, lazer maze-ing, sight seeing, checked out some wonderful restaurants, hit the pool/hotubs, salons, went to a casino (I won 32 cents, not kidding lol) did some shopping, but most of all, made memories. Which to me, means more than anything tangible or of value. I only leisure travel with people that I consider family and these cats are definitely just that.

These are a few pics to put a visual to my little blurb 

Degrassi girls-Neverest boys sandwich!

Degrassi girls-Neverest boys sandwich!


Degrassi in Ecuador

Part of our Documentary in Ecuador 2008! Thanks for uploading this!